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How do we know that we landed on the moon?



If the earth is not a sphere, but an oblate spheroid, why are all the images of it from NASA clearly a sphere?

Why are all the images composite images? (Admitted by NASA)



At the solstice, Cape Horn, the Cape of Good Hope and Invercargill NZ all experience mutual daylight from 8am to 10am and 6pm to 7pm Greenwich time. Being that they are all at nearly 120 degree extremes of the flat map, how is this possible? Is there a special ring shaped sun that comes out for summer in the south?

The distance between Buenos Aires and Capetown is about the same as the distance between New York and Lisbon. However on the flat map, its about 10 times further. Please explain this discrepancy.

When seen from North America, Gemini is to the left of Orion and from South America, it’s on the right. How does this work when the stars are attached to the firmament?

On the flat map, the shore of Antarctica is about 99,000 miles long. How is it possible that this is being patrolled to keep someone from sneaking up to the edge?